Watch Arkansas Troopers Play A Dirty Trick On A Fleeing Motorcyclist

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Watch Arkansas Troopers Play A Dirty Trick On A Fleeing Motorcyclist
Watch Arkansas Troopers Play A Dirty Trick On A Fleeing Motorcyclist

Catching a fleeing motorcycle can be a difficult task for cops because of several factors. But one thing you can always count on is that Arkansas State Police won’t hold back if you decide to run at high speeds, bike or no. This motorcyclist scofflaw learned that lesson the hard way.

ATV rider leads police in Florida on a long chase.

The chase started when a trooper noticed a guy on a motorcycle not only doubling the speed limit on the interstate, which is a truly dumb thing to do on a bike or in a car, but also lane splitting. While that practice is legal in certain situations for California, it’s pretty much illegal everywhere else.


We’re willing to bet you’ve seen motorcyclists lane split anyway, especially in higher population centers where traffic is thicker. They use it as a way to go whatever speed they want, but it’s an incredibly dangerous practice, and not just for the rider.

Lane splitting also makes it difficult for the initial trooper to keep up. He has to keep getting onto the left shoulder, at least once hitting a construction sign at speed, so he can keep a visual on the suspect.

When dealing with a fleeing motorcycle, police have to be cautious. Pitting the bike out really isn’t an option since that could result in serious injury or even death for the rider. Same goes with bumping the motorcycle.

We’ve seen some departments try boxing in fleeing bikes, but since they can fit through small gaps, that can prove to be quite difficult when dealing with particularly determined suspects.

ASP isn’t exactly your typical law enforcement. Troopers train regularly on high-speed pursuit tactics. And in this case they use an unusual method to stop this chase. A trooper who was coming from the opposite direction cuts into the opposing lanes of traffic, angles his cruiser just so, and forces the biker off the road. The guy proceeds to crash and quickly realizes he’s done.

It’s quick, brutal, and effective. And yet the suspect doesn’t appear to be injured. That’s how it’s done in Arkansas.

Image via Midwest Safety/YouTube