Watch An Audi S5 Black Out To Lose An Arkansas Trooper

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Watch An Audi S5 Black Out To Lose An Arkansas Trooper
Watch An Audi S5 Black Out To Lose An Arkansas Trooper

It seems some people love the challenge of trying to catch the attention of an Arkansas State Police trooper and then get away. We don’t see too many who are entirely successful in this illegal endeavor, and the stakes are high, plus it’s incredibly dangerous, so we also don’t endorse trying this.

Did this Arkansas trooper go a little too hard?

However, it’s interesting to watch this suspect in a black Audi S5 toy with a trooper by flying past him while blacked out, then playing it cool while turning his lights back on, only to run and black out again.

At first, our suspect signals when making lane changes, even though he’s running at over 100 mph. To do that after blacking out your vehicle, it just comes across as mocking the trooper, almost daring him to really chase.


And the trooper does. But the first controversial thing comes when the Audi weaves through a group of three cars occupying both lanes on the highway. The trooper sticks to the left lane, lights and sirens going, but a GMC Yukon doesn’t move out of the way quickly.

Some think if the Yukon driver had pulled over into the right lane immediately the trooper might have been able to stay up with the Audi. We’re not so sure, knowing about the acceleration abilities of the two vehicles, but the GMC sure didn’t help the trooper out.

By the time it moves over, the Audi is way ahead and the suspect blacks out again. The only times you can really see it after that is when the brake lights illuminate.

The trooper charges ahead and takes an exit he believes the blacked out Audi took. But did the suspect get off there or did he keep going? People are arguing that detail as well.

Either way, once the trooper is on the surface streets, he’s chasing a ghost. It doesn’t take him long to realize that and terminate the pursuit.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube