Watch Florida Troopers Chase Down A Repeat Offender In A BMX X6

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Watch Florida Troopers Chase Down A Repeat Offender In A BMX X6
Watch Florida Troopers Chase Down A Repeat Offender In A BMX X6

Police in Florida were on the lookout for a BMW X6 with California plates which had run from law enforcement repeatedly. When a plate reader got a hit on the vehicle, Florida Highway Patrol troopers in the area got to work, knowing full well they’d have a tough pursuit on their hands.

Florida man rams his SUV into a deputy’s home and starts shooting.

That’s exactly what troopers got in this dashcam footage, right from the get-go. The first trooper to spot and pursue the big Bimmer lost visual on the suspect after only a short chase. Perhaps the guy in the X6 was congratulating himself on getting away from the cops yet again, not knowing more troopers were swarming the area.


It doesn’t take long for another trooper to spot the suspect and make his presence known. Yet again, the suspect takes off in a fury, but this trooper literally cuts corners and even goes the wrong way on a road at one point to keep up. Talk about determination!

However, the suspect is a distant spec on the horizon, at least to the camera, making it seem like the trooper’s efforts are all for nothing. How is he going to catch an obviously much faster, more powerful vehicle?

The answer is with a little bit of luck and whole lot of skill. Even though he’s far behind, the trooper drives his heart out, getting around building traffic efficiently and staying on target. The suspect, on the other hand, struggles with the other cars on the road. After all, he doesn’t have lights and a siren to get people out of the way.

But as the trooper closes the gap, this guy drops the hammer again and is able to get ahead, eventually ditching that trooper as well.

All isn’t lost because this suspect isn’t a great driver. He crashes into another car about 20 miles down the road, then jumps in someone’s truck and throws money at the minors, allegedly telling them to not rat him out to the cops.

Yet again, we see driving skill wins out over superior horsepower.

Image via Scooper/YouTube

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