Distracted Semi Driver Causes Huge Crash

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Distracted Semi Driver Causes Huge Crash
Distracted Semi Driver Causes Huge Crash

Miller County, Arkansas on westbound Interstate 30 a huge accident unfolded on June 11 as a traffic camera caught the whole thing. It’s the perfect example of how all drivers, both those behind wheel of a commercial truck as well as everyone else, needs to always be paying attention to the road ahead.

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In the traffic cam footage, we see a truck pull over to the side of the intestate in the middle of a bridge. After a second, the reason why comes into frame as a single tire rolls down the shoulder, smoking and then shooting flames.


The disabled semi can’t pull all the way out of the right lane of travel. Other drivers, both in cars and semis, swerve around to miss a collision. After all, who can’t see a huge, stopped semi-truck with its lights on?

The answer is another semi-truck driver, apparently. The other big rig sideswipes the disabled one. We see smoke immediately appear, then sparks from the other truck as it speeds toward the camera. The trailer has a gaping hole in it, the goods inside undoubtedly ruined.

Some people might be wondering how a professional driver can’t see something so obvious in the road. We don’t know about this case, but we’ve seen others where truck drivers have been accused of watching Netflix while behind the wheel. In one case we saw a driver reaching for a bag of potato chips rolls his semi.

When you’re driving all the time, for some commercial truckers it becomes old hat and boredom sets in. As they say, familiarity breeds a lack of caution, and so you have accidents like this. The same thing happens with people who commute each day or drive a lot otherwise.

We all need to stay alert and aware.

Image via Traffic Cam Watch/YouTube