Watch Some Lawn Mowers Get Repossessed

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Watch Some Lawn Mowers Get Repossessed
Watch Some Lawn Mowers Get Repossessed

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy repossession situations, including for boats and airplanes, but this footage is the first lawn mower repo we’ve even witnessed. We guess it makes sense that someone running a landscaping service would have expensive ride-on mowers which they have to finance, it’s just we’ve never considered what would happen if someone stopped making their mower payments.

Woman tries running the repo man off the road.

In some ways, this is like a car repo. They have to sneak over to the place and identify the mowers using serial numbers. Thankfully, the trailer they’re inside has been left unlocked, allowing the repo men to drive them out and onto the waiting wrecker.


But as the second guy is trying to make his slow getaway on the lawnmower, the debtor comes running up wanting to know why it’s being taken. He claims to have been making the payments on time, something a repo man wouldn’t know anything about. They’re just executing orders provided by the bank.

It’s clear the repo men are reveling in the unusual nature of the job and are relieved they were able to avoid a big confrontation with the debtor by showing him the repossession paperwork. It sounds like they’ve had dealings with the guy before.

As a side note, you see as the one guy is strapping down the mowers, they have grass clippings sitting in them. Usually, a professional would keep those machines super clean, so it’s interesting this guy didn’t and was also allegedly not paying for them.

Ultimately, whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, airplane, lawnmower, or any other vehicle financed by the bank and you stop paying on it, you can expect a visit from the repo man. Try acting shocked and confused, these guys see it all the time. It’s best to just pay your bills.

Image via Towtruck_Dustin/YouTube