Watch A Mexican Army Chevy Cheyenne Get Ambushed In Nuevo Laredo

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Watch A Mexican Army Chevy Cheyenne Get Ambushed In Nuevo Laredo  
Watch A Mexican Army Chevy Cheyenne Get Ambushed In Nuevo Laredo

The Mexican Army uses Chevrolet Cheyennes (what the Silverado is called south of the border) for various functions such as patrolling areas. While many aren’t armored, the one featured in this video is, otherwise one or more of the occupants likely would’ve been injured or killed in the ambush you’re about to see.

BearCats are a more versatile vehicle than you probably realize.

As is the case with this one, sometimes the Cheyenne trucks have a heavy gun mounted up top that’s capable of laying quite a bit of fire in emergency situations. This ambush happens so quickly as the truck convoy winds its way through the streets of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas that the gunner has no time to respond.


Before the ambush, you’ll note the truck’s dashcam shows it only pauses or sometimes the driver doesn’t even do that much at stop signs. It’s likely he knows an ambush is quite likely, so he wants to avoid giving cartel members a chance to set one up while they’re an easier stationary target.

That also explains why he goes around traffic as it stacks up, honking his horn as he drives down the median. If you’ve spent time in Mexico, drivers for the most part are much friendlier than in the US, especially when you’re in a military vehicle.

The shot fired at the Cheyenne is so sudden it’s likely to startle quite a few viewers even though they know it’s coming. To his credit, the driver doesn’t skip and beat and instead lays on the accelerator, getting his team out of danger rapidly.

Just as amazing is the fact the round impacted on the lower portion of the windshield on the passenger side. While the impact spidered the reinforced glass quite a bit, it doesn’t appear from images of the aftermath to have achieved full penetration.

We don’t see it in the dashcam footage, but a voiceover in the video and subsequent media reports claim the military took out the cartel hitmen who tried killing the soldiers.

Image via WatChasMex/YouTube