Watch An Old Hemi Fire Up And Get A Guy Home

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Is this what they mean by Mopar or no car?

We love having fun in cars, but at the end of the day a vehicle is your form of transportation. Hopefully you’re lucky enough to own a reasonably reliable daily while you tinker around with your hobby car, but some guys (and gals) have to mix the two with many hilarious hijinks and much cussing involved. Roadside repairs definitely aren’t our favorite, but sometimes you’ve got to do them, especially when your daily is a jalopy.

That’s what makes the video accompanying this article entertaining. The guy from Vice Grip Garage buys an old Dodge with a Hemi V8 without seeing it first. Then he tries to get it started, after it hasn’t been running for a few years, and drive it back home. Yeah, it’s not a good plan, it’s a great plan because we just get to watch the highlights and not bust a single knuckle.

<span>image credit: YouTube</span>
image credit: YouTube

If you haven’t watched Vice Grip Garage before, this is what this guy does all the time: buy a crappy car, often sight unseen, then gets it running and drives it home. The hope is that he doesn’t get stranded and have to get the car towed, but sometimes the crappy machine wins and the human loses.


This 1954 Dodge Royal certainly has seen better days. Some people would like the heavy patina, but more concerning are the mechanical issues. However, the car is in surprisingly good shape, all things considered.

Vice Grip Garage is right to have a disclaimer before the video really gets going. We wouldn’t advise anyone to imitate what this guy does. Not only could you get stranded, some of his car repair techniques are downright dangerous. It’s entertaining to watch, but be smart, tow that crappy old hunk of junk you bought for cheap, and use some solid jack stands when you climb under it (not those Harbor Freight jack stands).

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