Barn Find: 1970 Dodge Challenger Hides A Mess

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Nature has taken over this classic, revealing the charm and challenges of unearthing a forgotten treasure.

So often, people park a special car they were driving regularly in an old barn, shed, or garage with the intention of fixing a minor issue. However, life happens, and after a few decades, the vehicle is covered in dust, has a family of raccoons living in the engine compartment, and is still not running. This is the story of a 1970 Dodge Challenger, an automotive gem recently uncovered and showcased in a video.

The reason this Mopar was stored away was supposedly due to a falling headliner. While a falling headliner can be annoying, it’s not a difficult problem to fix. However, it was enough to keep this pony in the stable for years.


Unfortunately, this Challenger only has the slant-six engine, not the powerful Hemi V8. Still, these Challengers can fetch a healthy price on the market today due to their iconic looks. Someone might appreciate the lower power for a more modest restoration, or they could be looking to turn this ride into a powerful restomod with a modern V8.

We believe keeping the original Go Mango paint is the way to go. It appears to be in decent shape and the flashy color is perfect for a classic muscle car. Despite the slant-six engine, we hope someone will upgrade it to a V8 soon.

If you haven’t followed Auto Archaeology on YouTube, it’s one of the most underrated channels for classic car content. The channel uncovers amazing finds like this ’70 Challenger without the overly dramatic flair seen elsewhere. Despite dealing with a possibly rabid raccoon and a deteriorated barn floor, the focus remains on the car itself. Check it out to see the true wonder of this barn find.

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