Watch An SUV Running From Police Roll Over Into Oncoming Traffic

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Watch An SUV Running From Police Roll Over Into Oncoming Traffic
Watch An SUV Running From Police Roll Over Into Oncoming Traffic

Sometimes during police chases suspects do really stupid things which put the lives of innocent people who just happen to be on the road at risk. That’s what happened in Santa Ana, Califiornia recently when someone running from police in an older Chevy Tahoe ended up rolling it over into the oncoming lanes of traffic.

A former US Congressman allegedly crashed his car into a Florida trooper.

If you’re driven a Tahoe of this vintage, you know they don’t exactly handle like sports cars. Steering about as loose as a goose, a high center of gravity, and we’re sure the suspension is pretty shot on this hunk of junk all combine to make for something you don’t want to throw through turns.


And yet this suspect did just that as caught on a camera.

With police hot on his tail, the suspect decides to angle through a right turn rapidly. But the lumbering SUV has to go wide, the rear tires almost hitting the hard median as it swings wildly to the left.

That’s when the driver tries correcting, only way too much as the back end swung wildly to the right. That put the nose of the SUV angling right at that median.

Jumping the obstacle, the Tahoe bounces, swings around 90 degrees, and finally turns over onto its side. You can see it hit at least one car sitting at a red light, perhaps more. Thankfully, the collision wasn’t that hard and nobody but the suspect was hurt.

We can be sure someone is going to try blaming this whole incident on the police. After all, if they didn’t chase suspects no criminals would drive so recklessly. Only, we know that isn’t the case at all. Thankfully, in this case no innocent bystanders were harmed, although they’re going to be in insurance hell for a while.

Image via KTLA 5/YouTube

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