Car Culture: What Is It? What Does It Mean?

Photo: Paragon Performance, Ford, Bentley, Screenshot: General Motors, Image: Mitsubishi
Photo: Paragon Performance, Ford, Bentley, Screenshot: General Motors, Image: Mitsubishi

Sovereign Citizen Arrested For Fake Diplomatic Plates Claims Diplomatic Immunity And Gets Stopped Again

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A sovereign citizen and mildly-famous singer from Florida has been arrested and detained by police on multiple occasions for using fake diplomatic plates on more than one car. The 32-year-old woman, Cecilia Mercado, goes by the name “Sessi” as a singer, and has a modest fanbase on social media. Video of her being forcibly dragged out of an Audi Q5 went viral after Mercado’s boyfriend posted the footage online, as WSVN reports. - José Rodríguez Jr. Read More

The Corvette E-Ray Is Way More Powerful Than Advertised

Photo: Paragon Performance
Photo: Paragon Performance

Customers are starting to take deliveries of the all-new Corvette E-Ray. As is tradition with all-new performance cars, someone has already strapped it to a dyno to see how much power it actually has. That someone is Paragon Performance with its all-wheel-drive dyno. Well, it turns out the E-Ray makes a hell of a lot more power (especially torque) than Chevrolet says it does. - Andy Kalmowitz Read More

Kachow! This Is The Greatest Tattoo In History

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Tattoos share a bit of our soul with the rest of the world. I don’t have a soul, so I don’t have any tattoos, but you get the idea — but I’m very glad this guy has a soul, because he may also have the greatest tattoo I’ve ever seen. Kachow, baby. Kachow. - Andy Kalmowitz Read More

These Are The Worst Engines Of All Time

Screenshot: General Motors
Screenshot: General Motors

There have been so many hundreds of different engine configurations built in the history of the automobile. Statistically some of them are bound to be stinkers. Some of these engines are on the list because they’re unreliable, some because they were recalled for defects, and some just because they were gutless hunks of metal not fit for production. - Bradley Brownell Read More

Watch This Tesla Cybertruck Take Damage Crossing A Puddle

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At this point, I think it’s safe to say that the Tesla Cybertruck is a rolling disaster. I’m not talking about sales performance; I’m talking about the truck itself. There have been all manner of screw-ups with this thing damn near starting from the moment customers got their hands on it — trust us, we’ve been keeping track. Worst yet is the truck’s off-road performance. From getting stuck in the snow to getting bested by a Subaru crossover, it’s been bad. And it’s happened again — this time with a creek. - Lawrence Hodge Read More

Ford’s Mustang Supercharger Kit Buys You 810 Horsepower And A Warranty For $10,000

Photo: Ford
Photo: Ford

Ford Performance has finally revealed the pricing details and specifics of the supercharger kit that’ll bump the 2024 Ford Mustang’s output to a whopping 810 horsepower. The supercharger kit will cost $9,995 and can be fitted to the Mustang GT and Dark Horse, which are powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine. Full power increases depend on whether the Mustang has an active exhaust system or not, but the supercharger kit’s output doesn’t dip below 800 horses, all told. - José Rodríguez Jr. Read More

Here Are Some More ‘Performance’ Cars You Probably Forgot About

2008 Mitsubishi Gallant Ralliart - Image: Mitsubishi
2008 Mitsubishi Gallant Ralliart - Image: Mitsubishi

One of the best parts about being a car enthusiast is that you’re constantly stumbling on cars and trims you never knew existed. I’ve gone down the forgotten performance car rabbit hole, and I can’t get free. A lot of these forgotten cars were actually produced in my lifetime, but I can’t remember ever seeing one. It’s been fun to dig into what powered these machines, how long they lasted, and why they ultimately failed. Today, I’m taking you with me on that journey. - Lawrence Hodge Read More

Bentley Blames ‘Emotional Sensitivity’ For Slow Sales

Photo: Bentley
Photo: Bentley

Good morning! It’s Tuesday, March 19, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. - Andy Kalmowitz Read More

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