Wild Road Rage Crash Captured On Doorbell Camera

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Wild Road Rage Crash Captured On Doorbell Camera
Wild Road Rage Crash Captured On Doorbell Camera

We think everyone can agree road rage has become a serious issue across the country. While we constantly hear from people living all over that it’s the worst where they are, it sounds like people in this quiet Wakefield, Massachusetts neighborhood have never seen a problem there, until now.

Watch a road rager get exactly what he deserves.

Caught on a guy’s doorbell camera is the incident which demolished a fence and left neighbors worried about their children’s safety. You can see the footage shared by CBS News Boston as two vehicles careen down the residential road.


One is a car, the other a white crossover. They’re basically on top of each other. Then the crossover tips, going on two wheels before crashing through a fence. Thankfully it didn’t hit the home, but that was enough to rattle people.

The report mentions the exchange between the two drivers started on a freeway. Obviously, one followed the other as they let their tempers get the better of them. This kind of thing happens way too often as people take anything on the road as a personal slight.

What’s truly amazing is the driver of the car took off after the accident. Determined to ensure the guy faced justice, a neighbor jumped in his car, chased the suspect down, including running him down on foot after the guy ditched the car.

That neighbor told CBS Boston the fleeing suspect turned out to be “a nice kid.” And that’s what really gets us. We don’t think everyone who engages in road rage is necessarily a bad person. Instead, it’s sometimes good people doing a bad thing. That doesn’t justify it at all, but it does show any of us has the potential to fly off the handle and do something foolish.

So the next time someone does something on a public road that makes you angry, count to ten, take some deep breaths, then decide what to do. Likely it’s not that big of a deal.

Image via CBS Boston/YouTube

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