Woman In Cadillac Flees The Cops To Her Home And Wife

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Woman In Cadillac Flees The Cops To Her Home And Wife
Woman In Cadillac Flees The Cops To Her Home And Wife

After blasting past an Arkansas trooper and from the looks of it not using her turn signal while changing lanes, it’s no wonder this woman in her new Cadillac caught the trooper’s attention. Instead of just pulling over and take the citation or perhaps two, grumbling about the fine and possible court appearance, she decides to pull over and immediately call her wife in a panic.

Yet another expensive truck has been stolen from airport parking.

Predictably, this doesn’t make the trooper happy. If you want to get on the bad side of a cop who’s pulled you over, do this very thing, then argue with them when you’re told to hang up. This lady is doing pretty much everything wrong right off the bat.


Things continue to not go well as she’s largely uncooperative. The trooper claims to see two open alcohol containers in the Caddie and she says they’re “old.” Gee, we didn’t know that made it okay. In the meantime, she keeps trying to call her wife and gets sent to voicemail.

Finally getting through to her spouse, this driver complains openly about how unfair the trooper has been like she’s in some documentary, not the subject of an active traffic stop. Unsurprisingly, she disobeys the order to get out of her car and yells at the trooper that she’s trying to have a conversation with her significant other. Then she drops the hammer, taking off like a bat out of hell.

She hits speeds well over 100 mph, turning a bad situation into something far worse with her irrational decision to flee. The trooper PITs her a couple of times but she’s able to regain control and keep going, snaking through parking lots and streets all the way to her house.

The trooper almost takes her out as she suddenly steps out of the Cadillac. Instead of just giving up, she puts her hands up and walks toward the house like her wife will come out and stop troopers from arresting her. Nothing about this makes sense. This is one of the most irrational police chase outcomes we’ve ever seen.

We hope the neighbors enjoyed the show. Maybe they were just waiting for something crazy like this to happen next door.

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