Woman’s Car Stolen Right After She Buys It

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Woman’s Car Stolen Right After She Buys It
Woman’s Car Stolen Right After She Buys It

A woman in Central Florida was in shock when the 2016 Nissan Altima she had just purchased and just barely made the first payment towards was stolen right out of her driveway. Even worse it was totaled by the thieves, and they were able to take it so easily thanks to a big mistake she made.

Albuquerque police officer in uniform, driving patrol car is busted for DUI.

Everyone needs to keep in mind, no matter how plain or expensive of a ride they own, that securing their vehicle every time it’s parked is a must. The Altima owner admitted to WKMG that she got in a bad habit with her previous car and it cost her current one.


The vehicle she owned before would automatically lock once the keys were no longer inside. She hadn’t formed the habit of locking her doors, so when thieves checked out her newly-purchased Altima, it was unlocked and ready for them to boost.

She reported the Nissan as stolen, which is the right thing to do. When Florida Highway Patrol troopers spotted it, they gave chase. The suspects ended up crashing the Altima into a trooper’s cruiser and a telephone pole, totaling it.

On top of that, all four suspects who were in the stolen car ended up getting away on foot.

The trooper who was hit had to be treated for injuries.

What’s even worse is the woman was already in a bit of a financial bind. Now that her car has been totaled, she doesn’t have the money to buy a new one. As she explained to the reporter, it’s how she takes her kids to their activities and gets to and from work.

We know thieves usually don’t care about other people, otherwise they wouldn’t steal from them. But to leave a mom high and dry like this for something so senseless is just horrible.

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