Woman In Dodge Charger Takes Police On Wild Chase

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Woman In Dodge Charger Takes Police On Wild Chase
Woman In Dodge Charger Takes Police On Wild Chase

Police came out in full force to stop this woman in a Dodge Charger who had allegedly performed a robbery right before. With cops swarming all over, she does her best impression of a Duke Boy, even leaving the roadway in her Mopar to try avoiding capture.

Watch a Nissan Z take Florida police on a wild chase.

It’s obvious police in Craighead County, Arkansas consider her a danger to the community and so are pulling out all the stops to get her in custody. She drives like she stole the car and maybe she did, but it’s also obvious she can’t even drive a straight line as she hits the dirt on several turns in the country road.

You can also see the rear end of that Charger getting boogie as it shakes like an exotic dancer over and over. She keeps crossing the double yellow line, including on blind turns, almost hitting civilian vehicles which thankfully get over at the last moment.


With the strong police presence, she wasn’t able to get away, even though she tried losing her pursuers on some dirt country roads. This does show the superiority of the radio.

Later, unsurprisingly, this woman was charged with driving under the influence of drugs. We think that fueled the daredevil maneuvers she pulled, like playing chicken with cops as they came at her head-on in trucks. She also pulled some last-minute moves that really faked out the cops over and over.

Now here’s the real icing on the cake: this woman has quite the criminal history. She was on probation at the time of the robbery and police chase, so she picked up a felony for that. Even better, she got out of jail just three days before this all went down, so she didn’t waste any time to break bad again. Plus, this is reportedly her second time leading police on a chase in as many years.

Would it be unreasonable to suggest perhaps she’s learned nothing from whatever punishments she’s faced in the criminal justice system? Also, what are the chances she would do this again right after getting out of jail/prison?