11 Tesla accessories to upgrade your ride, from a roadside safety kit to a $225 mattress

Cybertruck CyberTent
Tesla offers a variety of accessories for all models, from air mattresses to CyberTents.Tesla
  • Tesla offers a range of accessories to enhance its five vehicle models, including the Cybertruck.

  • Standard add-ons like floor mats and sun shades are available, alongside unique additions.

  • Notable accessories include illuminated door sills and CyberTents for portable camping.

Owning a Tesla can already feel like an upgrade over your average car, but you can jazz it up even more with the company's slew of additional accessories and kits.

The EV maker currently offers five vehicles: the Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and, most recently, the Cybertruck. While the main attachments in the Tesla shop include standard add-ons like floor mats and sun shades, with quirky cars come some unique potential additions — if you're willing to pay.


From door sills that illuminate your model's name to CyberTents for going on a portable camping experience, we rounded up the most interesting accessories to add to your Tesla experience.

Model Y Air Mattress

Model Y Air Mattress
The Model Y air mattress fit snugly in the back of your vehicle for sleeping overnight.Tesla

This custom-fit mattress fits in the back of your Model Y after you put down the seats, and is designed for people camping or overnight car trips. Made with high density foam, it has a waterproof polyester exterior perfect for the road.

Tesla says it can be inflated with the included air pump and comes with two repair patches and a carry bag. It retails for $255 and is currently sold out, but you can sign up to be emailed when it comes back in stock.

Protection Paint Film

Cybertruck Color Paint Film in Satin Forest Green
Cybertruck color paint film is available in 11 colors, including Satin Forest Green.Tesla

Add some personalized style to your vehicles with these protection films, available for the Cybertruck, Model 3, and Model Y. It comes in 11 colors ranging from $6,000 to $6,500 for Cybertrucks, and 8 colors ranging from $5,700 to $6,000 for the latter two. Tesla also offers two clear finishes (gloss or satin) for all vehicles for $5,000.

The urethane-based film is more environmentally friendly and two times thicker than the average vinyl wrap, according to the company. A loaner vehicle will be provided during installation, which may take three to four business days.

Roadside Safety Kit

Roadside Safety Kit
This roadside safety kit features various first aid items and emergency supplies.Tesla

In case of roadside emergencies, Tesla's safety kit features a slew of essential supplies, including a first aid blanket, a reflective safety vest, scissors, and a warning triangle. It also contains several first aid items such as multi-sized bandages, dressings, and compresses.

It's priced at $90 and comes in a compact, water-resistant pouch.

Cybertruck Tailgate Ramp

Cybertruck Tailgate Ramp
The Cybertruck tailgate ramp can be folded or extended to load heavy cargo.Tesla

From dirt bikes to heavy gear, load up to 750 pounds into your Cybertruck with this tri-fold ramp. It's made with durable powder-coated aluminum, and Tesla says you can use two ramps to load four-wheeled vehicles like ATVs. It retails for $400 and comes with a cam buckle strap with a hook to secure your cargo.

Key Fob

Model S Key Fob
This key fob design mimics a mini Tesla vehicle.Tesla

Although you can unlock your vehicle with your phone through the Tesla app, the company also offers a more traditional key fob with a sleek car design. It's available for all models, excluding the Cybertruck, and retails for $175.

Illuminated Door Sills

Model 3 Illuminating Door Sills
Tesla's door sills can illuminate the name of your vehicle's model.Tesla

These door sills illuminate your vehicle model's name for a subtle accent. Activated by a magnetic switch, they're battery-powered and range from $150 to $250 depending on the model.

Cybertruck CyberTent

Cybertruck CyberTent
The CyberTent attaches to the Cybertruck for a camping experience.Tesla

This fully collapsible tent can be mounted above your Cybertruck to create a personal base camp for on the road. It has an attached mattress, an extendable awning, and outlets, and can be inflated with the included pump.

It's priced at $2,975 and is used with the truck's tent mode, which levels the vehicle for a flat surface, keeps the tonneau cover open, and runs AC and lights.

Solid State Drive

Solid State Drive
Tesla offers a solid state drive that can support dashcam footage and gaming.Tesla

From dashcam footage to music, you can store any vehicle data in this external 1 TB solid state drive (SSD). Compatible with all Tesla vehicles, its read/write speeds can provide smooth gameplay for both Steam and AMD Ryzen Arade Games, the company says. For $350, it also comes with a USB-A-Female to USC-C-Male adapter cable.

Model S/X Coat Hooks

Model S/X Coat Hooks
Model S/X Coat HooksTesla

Compatible with both the Model S and X, these coat hooks can snap onto the first-row seatbacks to hang anything from dry cleaning to computer bags. They come in sets of two for $30, but are currently not available for US stores.

Air Compressor + Tire Kit

Cybertruck Air Compressor Ultra + Tire Repair Kit
Cybertruck' Air Compressor Ultra + Tire Repair Kit is coming later this year.Tesla

This kit features an air compressor for topping off your tire pressure and a bottle of sealant to repair punctures less than 6 milimeters in diameter. By connecting to your vehicles 12V outlet, you can attach the hose to the tire in order to begin inflating to the recommended pressure level.

Tesla cautions that this is only intended as a temporary fix for emergencies and repaired tires shouldn't be driven for more than 62 miles.

While the 2.0 version is priced at $60, there is an updated 3.0 version that will run you around $110. For Cybertruck owners, Tesla also will be releasing a Cybertruck version later this year.

Cybertruck Detailing Kit

Cybertruck Detailing Kit
The Cybertruck detailing kit comes with four cleaning solutions and four microfiber towels,Tesla

To maintain your Cybertruck's stainless steel shine, this detailing kit comes with four spray bottles of different cleaning solutions to target various surfaces of your vehicle. This includes interior and glass cleaners, and a waterless and stainless wash for the exterior. Retailing for $130, it also comes with four microfiber towels and a travel case.

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