The 15 fastest cars in the world

World's fastest production cars - Bugatti Chiron Super Sport
World's fastest production cars - Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

Going back to 1886 and the dawn of the motorised carriage, the fastest cars in the world have always played on the minds of manufacturers and enthusiasts alike.

Karl Benz's Patent Motorwagen could achieve a heady 10mph on a good day, with a lightweight driver and a favourable wind. Today, nearly 140 years of development has pushed the very fastest cars past a monumental 300mph.

The Benz’s brave driver could cover just 4.4 metres per second; in 2019, with Andy Wallace behind the wheel, the Bugatti Chiron covered 136 metres per second.

It’s a fearsome prospect, and there are only a handful of places on earth where cars of this calibre can reach their V-max, yet there’s no shortage of car manufacturers vying for top honours.


With Bugatti beginning to bow out of setting production car speed records, there are several potential successors to its crown. For instance, both SSC and Hennessey claim there's more speed to come from their machines.

However, if any manufacturer is going to topple Bugatti from the fastest-of-all-time list, Koenigsegg has a chance too.

With that in mind, here are the fastest production road cars by the numbers - many of which are also the world's fastest accelerating cars.  And because chasing top speed is such a wild and outlandish pursuit, we've gone for more than the usual 10...