1964 Jaguar Mark X Is Pulled From Hiding and Detailed

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A neglected 1964 Jaguar Mark X, hidden away for over four decades, undergoes a stunning transformation after a thorough wash and detailing.

Nestled in a barn and coated in decades of grime, a 1964 Jaguar Mark X recently saw the light of day in a condition many would balk at. Owned by a person who struggled to find a buyer for this dusty gem, the vehicle's fortune changed when "Detail Dane," a YouTube channel specializing in car makeovers, took on the challenge of restoring its lost luster.

The cleaning process, involving hours of meticulous washing and detailing, revealed a vehicle whose elegance had withstood the test of time. Beneath the dirt and neglect, the Mark X's white paint and chrome trim began to gleam, highlighting the classic beauty of this British luxury sedan. While the car exhibited minor signs of wear and internal aging, its transformation was nothing short of remarkable.