1969 Plymouth HEMI Road Runner Barn Find

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From barn's shadow to restoration glory.

In the intricate tapestry of automobile history, the golden muscle car era holds a special place, shimmering with tales of powerful beasts and exhilarating speeds. Now, a new chapter unfolds as Dale from "Old Skool Rides" stumbles upon a piece of this storied past: a 1969 Plymouth HEMI Road Runner. A beast, yes, but one that's been silenced for years, possibly languishing in the dusty corners of a barn or under the open sky.

Details about the Road Runner's sojourn remain shrouded in mystery. How many seasons did it witness in stillness? Was it a barn's prized possession or a forgotten relic in a sprawling yard? Whichever the case, the car's remarkably unwarped body panels suggest it was shielded from the harshness of nature.


The vehicle currently exists in its project phase. Its original paint has vanished, replaced by the touch of time and sporadic restoration attempts. Rust claims the lower regions of the rear fenders, but the structure holds firm, standing unyielding and straight.

Dale's acquisition isn't just the car's shell; he received a collection of parts, hinting at a restoration dream that never saw the light of day. Narratives whispered among car enthusiasts hint at its past racing glories, a testament to its once indomitable spirit.

A gnawing question remains: does this beast still house its heart, the legendary 426-cubic-inch HEMI engine? The answer is a heart-wrenching no. The iconic engine is absent, though the original transmission remains, its type still a puzzle.

It's easy to be disheartened, knowing that this once roaring Road Runner is now merely a silent sentinel. Yet, its rarity offers a glimmer of hope. Among the 81,105 Road Runners sold in 1969, only 787 boasted the coveted HEMI engine. Dive deeper, and the numbers become even more staggering. This particular car, a 'post' model, represents one of only 356 coupes from that year. Its exact lineage can be even more niche, depending on the transmission type.

Despite its dormant state, this Road Runner harbors a promising future. While the absence of the original HEMI engine may raise purist eyebrows, Dale dreams of resurrecting this gem. His immediate plans? Breathe life into it, feel its pulse on the road, and relish the nostalgia. As for its ultimate destiny, with the right care, this Road Runner might just soar to a value soaring well past the $100,000 mark. A beacon of hope for every classic car awaiting rediscovery.

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