1969 Plymouth HEMI Road Runner Barn Find

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Emerging from a barn's shadow.

In an exciting discovery that resonates with car enthusiasts and collectors alike, Dale from "Old Skool Rides" has uncovered a rare 1969 Plymouth HEMI Road Runner, a relic from the golden era of muscle cars. Found in a condition that speaks volumes of its storied past, this Road Runner is set for a journey from forgotten anonymity to restoration glory.

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The vehicle's history, much like its faded paint and rusted fenders, is a canvas of untold stories, possibly spending years hidden away in a barn or resting under the vast sky. Despite the toll taken by time, the car's body remains surprisingly intact, a testament to its resilience against the elements.


Currently in its project phase, the Road Runner's original vibrancy has been dulled by the passage of time, with rust claiming parts of its exterior. However, the structure's integrity suggests a strong foundation for the impending restoration. Alongside the car, Dale acquired a trove of parts, indicating previous, albeit incomplete, attempts at revival.

One critical piece of the puzzle is missing—the legendary 426-cubic-inch HEMI engine, a cornerstone of the Road Runner's formidable reputation. While the original transmission still accompanies the vehicle, the absence of the iconic engine presents both a challenge and an opportunity for restoration.

The rarity of this particular model adds to its allure. Out of over 81,000 Road Runners sold in 1969, a mere 787 were equipped with the HEMI engine, and this "post" model coupe is one of just 356. Depending on its transmission, its place within automotive history could be even more exclusive.

Dale's vision for the Road Runner is not just to restore its physical form but to revive the spirit that once made it a racing legend. Although purists may lament the loss of the original HEMI engine, the car's intrinsic value and potential post-restoration worth, possibly exceeding $100,000, highlight the significance of such a find.

This 1969 Plymouth HEMI Road Runner represents more than just a project; it's a piece of automotive history with the promise of roaring back to life under Dale's care. As it transitions from a barn find to a fully restored marvel, this Road Runner is poised to reclaim its place in the pantheon of classic muscle cars.

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