2024 Ford Mustangs Have Been Recalled For Fire Risk

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2024 Ford Mustangs Have Been Recalled For Fire Risk
2024 Ford Mustangs Have Been Recalled For Fire Risk

We know a lot of you have become deadened to car safety recalls since there are so many of them recently, but a recall for 2024 Ford Mustangs is particularly concerning. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a potential defect could result in a vehicle fire, and those are never a good thing.

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In its official Safety Recall Report, NHTSA says only manual transmission 2024 Mustangs are affected. Some have “improper retention of the clutch pressure line to the vehicle firewall.” If that’s the case, it could spark a fire. Apparently, there are two cases of fires possibly caused by this.


Apparently, improper retention for the clutch pressure line might allow it to contact exhaust components, melting the line and igniting brake fluid. While the problem won’t manifest as problems with the Mustang’s brakes or brake fluid level, it can make changing gears difficult.

Another possible sign of the problem is the engine stalling on throttle tip-out. That could lead to a crash.

So, not getting this problem fixed could result in either a fire or a crash, or maybe both. We wouldn’t want to find out. This is why if you own a 2024 Ford Mustang with a manual transmission, you should figure out if your car has this problem or not immediately.

NHTSA says since the affected Mustangs weren’t manufactured in chronological order, the only way to know if your car is part of the recall is to either to call Ford directly at 866-436-7332 or get in touch with a local dealer who can look that up for you. If your vehicle is part of the recall, you can make arrangements to have it fixed free of charge.

Considering there’s a fire risk involved, we wouldn’t blow this off.

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