2025 BMW M3 Competition Will Make 523 HP

2025 bmw m3
2025 BMW M3 Competition Will Make 523 HPBMW
  • The 2025 BMW M3 is scheduled to hit the assembly line in July and will start at $77,175 for the rear-wheel drive model.

  • BMW bumps the M3 Competition xDrive’s output to 523 hp, which is a 20 hp increase over the current model.

  • BMW says the M3 Competition with xDrive can sprint to 60 mph in only 3.4 seconds.

BMW’s latest-generation M3 launched a handful of years ago, which means it’s time for a minor update. For 2025, BMW is adding some extra power to the M3 Competition with xDrive, shaking up the styling and adding some new tech to the interior. Also joining the interior is a new steering wheel.

Of course, the heart of the BMW M3 is still a 3.0-liter turbocharged I6. This 3.0-liter I6 carries over in almost every version of the M3, except the top-flight xDrive-equipped M3 Competition. That model gets a 20 hp bump from an upgraded engine management system and brings the grand total to 523 hp according to BMW.


While entry-level M3 owners might be disappointed about no bump in performance – there is a silver lining. The entry-level M3 will keep its manual transmission, with competition models sticking with the eight-speed automatic.

According to BMW the revised M3 Competition with xDrive can sprint to 60 mph in only 3.4 seconds. The more potent M3’s speedometer will still stop at the same 155 mph as the entry-level M3. However, with both models, you can unlock more speed with the M Driver’s Package, which raises the top speed to 180 mph.

Outside of the engine bay, the M3 will look a little different for ’25, with emphasis on "a little."

While the exterior changes are minor, there is a new set of headlamps that consolidated the high and low beam lamps. There’s also a new set of forged M alloy wheels.

On the inside, the changes are similarly light. However, you will be met with a new three-spoke steering wheel on entry. Available wrapped in leather or Alcantara, the new three-spoke steering wheel sports a flat bottom and a red leather stripe at 12 o’clock. Inside the infotainment system, customers will find that BMW upgraded the ’25 M3’s iDrive system to the latest iDrive 8.5.

With minor updates come minor changes in price. The 2025 BMW M3 will start at $77,175, which is only $180 more than the current model. The M3 Competition that feeds the rear wheels stays at $81,195. Adding the xDrive system to that M3 Competition brings the total to $86,495, which is a $1,280 increase.

BMW says that these M3 models are scheduled to hit the assembly line at the BMW plant in Munich in July.

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