2025 Honda Civic Sport Hybrid: 50 MPG and More Torque Than Civic Si

2025 Honda Civic Sport Hybrid: 50 MPG and More Torque Than Civic Si photo
2025 Honda Civic Sport Hybrid: 50 MPG and More Torque Than Civic Si photo

The new 2025 Honda Civic Sport Hybrid will be the top of the normie Civic range, essentially replacing the 1.5-liter turbo Sport models. With two electric motors promising 200 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque, it should actually be pretty quick.

Here's how the 2025 Civic power levels will shake out. Of course, the Type R is basically its own model with a completely different engine. But I figured I'd include it here for the sake of context:

LX and Sport

Sport/Touring Hybrid


Type R

Honda is planning four Civic trims for 2025 outside its Si and Type R performance variants. An LX and Sport with the current 2.0-liter non-turbo base engine, and a new Sport Hybrid and Sport Touring Hybrid with two electric motors. That's expected to hit a combined fuel economy rating of 50 mpg and be quicker than today's 1.5-liter turbo Sport model Civic.


I confirmed with Honda's people that the base engine is a carryover and that the Si and Type R will still be around for the '25 model year.

Exact specs on the hybrid system are TBA but a press release states it features "two large and powerful electric motors," with an emphasis on "refinement" and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) management.

As far as driving goes, Honda points to Linear Shift Control "mimicking the vehicle speed-linked rev feel typically associated with a conventional drivetrain shifting gears under acceleration." You'll be able to toggle through four levels of regenerative braking deceleration with steering-wheel paddles.

Cosmetically, hybrid variants will get a body-colored headlamp garnish and front lower spoiler and the top Sport Touring Hybrid will get a new wheel design.

Inside, there will be a new grey interior color. The Sport Touring Hybrid will also get built-in Google features (Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Play apps) and three years of an unlimited data plan included in the car's purchase price.

Honda's press release stated that hybrids were "over one-quarter" of Honda sales in 2023 and expects 40% of 2025 Civics to be hybrids. The 2025 model sedans will get to dealers in June with the hatchback following. Pricing has not been announced.

I don't expect any changes to the Si or Type R for 2025, nor were any announced.

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