2026 Kia EV3 to Arrive Later This Month Looking Just Like the Concept

kia ev3 teaser
2026 Kia EV3 Slated to Arrive Later This MonthKia
  • Kia released new teaser photos of the EV3 compact SUV that show off angular designs for the headlights and taillights that look similar to the concept model's.

  • According to Kia, the EV3 will go on sale later this year following its unveiling on May 23.

  • The EV3 is expected to be a welcome addition to the affordable-EV lineup, with pricing expected to start around $30,000, though there's no confirmation Kia plans to sell the EV3 in North America.

Kia made a splash with the reveal of the adorable EV3 compact SUV concept last fall. Now, the automaker has confirmed a production variant and released the first teaser images ahead of a global reveal scheduled for May 23.

Not much is known about the EV3, but from what we can see in the new teaser photos, the production version looks a heck of a lot like the initial concept. The compact SUV draws a lot of styling cues from the larger EV5 and EV9. The EV3 features the same boxy shape as the larger vehicles, though the sharp edges on those models take on a softer look for the new model.

kia ev3 teaser

We expect the EV3 to make use of Kia's 800-volt architecture with both single- and dual-motor variants. Entry variants could feature the same 58.0-kWh battery pack found in the rear-drive versions of the larger EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 models. More expensive EV3 variants may be equipped with the recently announced 84.0-kWh pack earmarked for the 2025 Ioniq 5.

kia ev3 teaser

The EV3 will go on sale later this year, according to Kia, though the answer to where exactly it will be sold remains unknown. The brand wants the EV3 to be a more affordable and accessible point of entry for customers interested in making the switch from internal-combustion vehicles to fully electric vehicles. Because of that, we're expecting the compact SUV to start in the ballpark of $30,000, ranging to over $40,000 for the highest trim levels.


The crux of whether Kia sells the EV3 in America or not almost certainly lies in where the vehicle is made. To be eligible for the full $7500 federal tax credit, Kia will need to produce the EV3 in North America. Assuming the car does earn the credit and Kia decides to sell it in North America, the tax-adjusted price could fall under $25,000 making it among the cheapest electric cars on sale in the United States.

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