Actual Police Impound Honda S2000 Dressed as Cop Car

s2000 with a police livery impounded
Real Police Impound Honda S2000 Dressed as Cop CarNorthants Roads Policing Team / X

A Honda S2000 owner on their way to a car show in England on Saturday had a very bad time that ended with their car being seized by local police. That in itself is not all that newsworthy, but their choice to wrap the car in a Japanese market police livery made for a particularly ironic scene.

Northamptonshire police said in a Tweet that the car was pulled over for flashing red lights. Another tweet from an individual officer suggests that those were part of a roof bar, which made the car stand out on its way to the meet. Further inquiry revealed that the driver and vehicle were allegedly not insured, so it was seized.


The livery raises questions about how effective an S2000 police car could actually be. Although slightly larger than a Miata, Honda's diminutive roadster is still a small two-seater that is not exactly built for cabin room first and foremost. That makes actually storing any potential arrests a challenge, one that becomes an impossibility if two people are assigned to the car. Classic roadster proportions leave little room in the trunk for equipment, and while the F20C engine under the hood is more than adequate, it cannot keep up in a straight line with most modern performance cars.

In the unlikely event that the S2000 owner wanted to attempt any actual policing, getting caught here may have been a blessing. More likely, the seizure made for a rough day for the driver and made the car meet the driver had planned to attend just a little bit less interesting.

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