Alan Ritchson’s Cars Are Pretty Down-To-Earth

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Alan Ritchson’s Cars Are Pretty Down-To-Earth
Alan Ritchson’s Cars Are Pretty Down-To-Earth

Hollywood actor Alan Ritchson is rising to new levels of fame in the Amazon series Reacher as well as stopping carjackings in real life. All that success has helped the man amass a growing fortune, part of it being invested a nice yet very down-to-earth car collection.

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Toyota FJ Cruiser

Way back in 2010 Ritchson was proudly showing off his FJ Cruiser to the media while reaping the benefits of portraying Aquaman in the CW’s Smallville series. While the Toyota off-roader isn’t the most expensive thing the man owns now, at the time he was happy to use it for driving his dogs around town. At the time he remarked that he not only liked the looks but also the utility of his rig.

Lexus SC 430

Another car Ritchson had way back when, this Lexus convertible was actually purchased mainly for Ritchson’s wife to drive. He originally was going to buy a Volvo C70 since it’s also a hardtop convertible but fell in love with the Lexus build quality and smooth driving dynamics.

GMC Sierra

In late January 2022 Ritchson took to Instagram to share how his wife and sons were sitting at a stoplight in their GMC Sierra when another driver who was going 45 mph slammed into the truck. He praised GM for making a solid pickup, which kept his family from being injured in the scary crash.

Ducati Panigale V4

Recently acquired right before Christmas 2023, this Italian sport bike should help Ritchson get his speed fix, but we wonder how the insurance on different TV and movie productions feel about his tooling around on two wheels since that’s often an issue of contention.

Toyota Sienna

Back in October 2020 Ritchson posted a picture on Instagram of him standing at the back of a Toyota Sienna with a sticker on the back window that read “I’ll never drive in a minivan.” While he didn’t entirely confirm the Swagger Wagon was indeed his, with three kids and dogs, it’s not too hard to understand that he and his wife had finally given in and gotten the people mover. And like so many others, he probably realized it wasn’t as bad as some people pretend minivans are – at least the Sienna isn’t.

International Harvester Scout

Ritchson doesn’t brag about this classic off-road rig, but he has shown it in part on social media. These bare-bones trucks have a cult following that mystify some, but it’s obvious the actor is part of the inside group.

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