Aston Martin Valour

aston martin valour review 2024 01 front tracking
aston martin valour review 2024 01 front tracking

This point, I feel, needs making from the outset. There is only one car in the history of the, er, car to mate a turbo V12 engine to a manual gearbox. And you’re looking at it. Or one of them, for there will be just 110, making the Aston Martin Valour so rare that you’re more likely to see a rocking horse manuring an adjacent field than chance across one on the road.

So don’t spend too long looking at that seven-figure price and wondering how on earth that can be justified when even the most recent DBS was faster and more powerful. It’s not the unique carbonfibre body or anything contained therein for which you’re really paying all that additional moolah, but the right to possess the one thing really rich people crave above all others: stuff other rich people don’t have.