Attention To Detail Was A Must For This Wood Model Mustang

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This lovely ‘Stang is an incredible feat of design and concentration wrapped in an ultra-realistic package.

Woodworking masterminds are some of the most intelligent craftsmen in our modern world of constant creative production. These incredible geniuses can take what looks like little more than a block of wood to most people and turn it into something that reflects the exact vision that the carver has for it. Of course, this means that there are a lot of genuinely exceptional wood cutting creators who have built some of the most incredible models ever to be seen. This particular statue is incredibly detailed as it is the product of years of practice and a long life dedicated to perfecting the art of woodworking.


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Watching this particular craftsman is an awe-inspiring feat as he carves through wood chunks to create smooth body lines and intricate details. However, before the whole process can commence, there must be a high level of consideration for the car's general design. The goal here was to create something that perfectly resembled the actual vehicle while also adding a subtle dash of unique design to tie the whole build together. The body was crafted from a single block which he whittled down to a hollow exterior via a subtractive technique. It is straightforward to see that this car was handcrafted to showcase the builder's love for cars and carving.

Under the hood is a perfect replica of the 5.0-liter Coyote engine, which features a scale model intake manifold and virtually every tiny detail one could hope for in this project. This impressive car features everything from an intricately designed set of headlights and tail lights to a fantastic working steering rack that turns the wheels via the steering wheel. However, one of the most incredible features of this vehicle is the genuinely innovative Coilover design he made from four bolts and some small springs, which he affixed to the car with washers and nuts. The level of detail and concentration that created this extraordinary automobile is genuinely impressive. We readily await the next installment to this incredible series, including a Ford Raptor and a '67 Ford Mustang.

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