Tesla Cybertruck Unexpectedly Accelerates Into Home With Rear Wheels Locked

Photo: @bfreshwa / X
Photo: @bfreshwa / X

A new Tesla Cybertruck owner experienced a seemingly new issue: an unresponsive throttle. He took to Twitter to voice his concerns about the defect and the automaker’s lack of action earlier this month. Now, I should be clear, this fault is unrelated to the slippery pedal pad that would wedge itself in the footwell and pin down the throttle — in this situation, the truck’s brake didn’t disengage the accelerator, and the truck crashed into a house.

Twitter user @bfreshwa claims his stainless-steel-clad machine accelerated unexpectedly after only 4 hours total on the road. In surveillance footage, the impractical pickup darted up a hill into a neighbor’s house with the rear wheels completely locked up. The owner stated that the throttle and steering were unresponsive as he held the brake pedal to the floor, putting down a pair of 50-foot-long skid marks. The owner claimed that a Tesla representative said during a phone call:


“We have reviewed logs and due to the terrain, the accelerator may or may not disengage when the brake is depressed. As far as the back tire locking we are reviewing.”

Tesla told the owner to deal with his insurance company to cover the damage’s costs. It’s not precisely clear what went wrong with the Cybertruck this time, but it has been a headache since it launched. The slippery gas pedal was the most notable because it couldn’t be resolved with an over the air update, requiring a stop-sale and every vehicle to be recalled. Leftover soap from assembly was the cause of the problem.

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