Bear Raids Car Crash, Drags Body Into The Woods

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Bear Raids Car Crash, Drags Body Into The Woods
Bear Raids Car Crash, Drags Body Into The Woods

We see bizarre car crashes all the time, but this is the first we’ve seen a wild animal raid a crashed vehicle, drag a body out, and consume part of it. That’s what happened in Hatfield, Massachusetts recently.

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It seems crazy but we know sometimes animals are hungry enough they’ll eat just about anything, especially when it comes to bears. The victim was in a single car crash on I-91 in the late morning of May 5, reports WWLP.

Massachusetts troopers say the 2016 Honda Civic hit multiple trees, damaging them and smashing the car up. It’s possible the body, which was found outside the vehicle, was thrown from the wreckage. But authorities think it was dragged out by a bear.


The report says a bear “made contact” with the man’s dead body. While that could be interpreted as just sniffing it, we don’t think that would’ve left any physical evidence of contact behind. So that leaves only one real option – the bear had a little snack.

Being omnivores, bears are known to eat just about anything, including animals which have freshly died. This is just a fact of nature, but we know some people will be horrified to learn Smokey might eat their dead body.

Investigators believe the crash happened a few hours before it was discovered. They’re still trying to piece together how the man lost control of his Civic, but they can see he hit the guardrail several times before plunging down an embankment and into the tree line.

First responders did find the bear in the area when they arrived, but it took off. Despite what some people might think, a bear will snack on your dead body but generally will try to run away from a live human.

Image via Aaron Brewer/Pexels