What’s The Best Example Of Parts Sharing On A Car?

Photo: Jaguar
Photo: Jaguar

Building cars is an expensive business, and so is designing the parts that go onto them. That’s why – every once in a while – you’ll see two very different cars sharing the same singular part. I love spotting this sort of stuff, and it’s what has led me to today’s question.

That’s why I’d like to know what is your favorite example of parts sharing across two very different vehicles. There are some real highlights here from the Jaguar XJ220’s taillights being from a Rover 200 and Freightliner trucks using old Mercedes-Benz E-Class headlights to the Lamborghini Diablo using Nissan 300ZX headlights and the Ferrari California using mid-2000s Chrysler infotainment systems.

OK, OK, I don’t want to give too many more away. There are a bazillion of these types of scenarios out there, and every single one of them is fantastic in their own unique way to me. I don’t know. I just like seeing stuff I recognize from one can on another car. It’s like my own personal game of match ‘em up. I promise I’m not this weird all the time.


Anyway, drop on down below and let your fellow Jalops know what your favorite example of parts sharing is. You get extra points if it’s a super rare or obscure example. Just know I am a weirdo, so it’s going to be hard to find something I haven’t seen before.

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