New BMW M5 Sedan and Wagon Go Snow Drifting in Teaser

bmw m5 and m5 touring testing in snow
BMW M5 Sedan and Wagon Go Snow Drifting in TeaserBMW M / YouTube

The latest BMW M5 is still a little while away, but that has not stopped BMW from showing off its latest flagship sedan throughout the testing process. That showcase continues with another teaser of the car in full-wrapped camo, this time featuring both the wagon first shown a year ago and the more traditional sedan.

The brief video starts by highlighting the assembly of the car, from post-it notes with exaggerated sketches of the still-unrevealed final fascia to the bulging wide bodywork being placed on the chassis. What appears to be a rendering of an uncamouflaged M5 nose can briefly be seen in the background around the ten-second mark, revealing a fairly normal set of kidney grilles for a modern BMW rather than the exaggerated nostrils seen on the M3 and M4. That is in line with what the prototypes look like under all that camouflage, both here and in a previous Christmas teaser.


The testing footage that follows reveals little about the specifics of the car, although it does include extended engine audio. A shot of the steering wheel unsurprisingly shows paddle shifters, as a manual transmission had not been offered on the M5 since a very low production run of F10-generation cars in the mid-2010s. The footage is not otherwise particularly revealing, but both cars look capable in the brief clips on both snow and dry pavement.

When a production model finally debuts, expect the next M5 to feature big horsepower and a more conventional look for a BMW. The latest M5 has already been confirmed to be on its way to America as a wagon to compete directly with the Audi RS6, a decision that is sure to be a hit with enthusiasts.

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