This British Company You've Never Heard of Is Resurrecting Ford's RS200, Mark 1 Escort

ford rs200 remaster and escort continuation by boreham motorsports
Reborn Ford RS200s and Mark 1 Escorts Are ComingBoreham Motorworks

Vintage rally car remakes and resto-mods have become a hot commodity in recent years. Customers looking for better-than-the-original rallying legends can already buy a Lancia 037-like from Kimera and a perfected Subaru 22b from Prodrive. That list now grows even longer with the introduction of an "entirely new, ground-up" Ford RS200 build announced on June 24th.

That project is from Boreham Motorworks, a British company that has just announced plans to build seven different continuations — or "remasters" — of legendary Ford performance cars. The new take on the RS200 is one of the first, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the car that had the strangest drivetrain layout ever rallied. Details are sparse so far, but the histories of these types of project suggest a car that only heightens what made the RS200 so extreme when it was first sold in the mid-1980s.

Boreham Motorworks's plans also include "blueprint-accurate, period-sympathetic" continuations of Ford classics, starting with the Mk. 1 Escort that became a generation's affordable rally car and an icon of the British market. Those cars will even feature Ford-approved continuation VINs.


The brand says that "at least five" more Ford models will be built in the series covered by this license, either as continuation cars or as remasters. The Boreham Motorsports website is now registering interest in either the RS200 or the Escort, and notably, the site accepts both U.S. and Canadian buyers as valid registrants. Pricing information is not yet listed, but the new builds should be much more expensive than the average used Escort.

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