Bugatti Tourbillon Is the Lust-Worthy 1,800-HP V16 Hybrid

bugatti tourbillon
Bugatti Tourbillon Is the 1,800-HP V16 HybridBugatti
  • The Bugatti Tourbillon will take the spot of the Chiron and is scheduled for its first deliveries in 2026.

  • Bugatti says the naturally aspirated V16 makes 1,000 hp, but that’s supplemented with an 800-hp three-motor plug-in hybrid system.

  • Bugatti plans to build 250 examples with a 3.8 million starting price, which translates to $4,067,596.

No, that’s not a typo—yes, it is a lot. Meet the 1,800-hp Bugatti Tourbillon. The V16-PHEV might not be as efficient as a Toyota Prius Prime, but its potent powertrain fills the shoes of the outgoing Bugatti Chiron.

The Tourbillon blends a 1,000-hp V16 with a three-motor hybrid system and stuffs it all inside of a luxurious Bugatti shell. The underpinnings and the interior are similarly new.


As with all Bugatti cars—but especially since the mind-bending Veyron—the star of the Tourbillon is under the engine cover. According to Bugatti, this 8.3-liter naturally aspirated V16 was developed with the help of engine-building legends Cosworth. This mill sends its power through an eight-speed automatic.

Surprisingly, this engine makes one fewer hp than the Bugatti Veyron and does so without any forced induction. What it lacks in help breathing, this V16 makes up for with its 9,000-rpm redline and 556 pounds of mass.

Bugatti supplemented its shrieking V16 with a plug-in hybrid system. With two motors feeding the front axle, and an electric motor at the rear, the whole system adds 800 hp to the grand total.

Combined, that means the Bugatti Tourbillon is good for 1,800 hp. Feeding those electric motors is a 25-kWh oil-cooled battery that is good for 37 miles of range without firing off the V16.

bugatti tourbillon
Bugatti Tourbillon cockpit was conceived with the expertise of Swiss watchmakers.Bugatti

Suspending all of this is a new skeleton. Bugatti opted for a T800 carbon-composite monocoque that also uses the previously mentioned battery as a structural element.

The front and rear frames are made from low-pressure, thin-walled aluminum with 3D-printed structural braces. Multi-link suspension controls the 20-inch-front and 21-inch-rear wheels that are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber.

Inside the Tourbillon is a predictably posh and high-tech interior. As the name would suggest, the Tourbillon is inspired by watchmaking. Taking that inspiration to the next level, the instrument cluster was, according to Bugatti, built with the expertise of Swiss watchmakers.

This instrument cluster packs over 600 pieces inside and features watch-building techniques. Fixed to the steering column, this cluster is designed for easy viewing by the driver.

If you want a digital screen for data, there’s one of those too, but it’s tucked away until you want to deploy it from the top of the center console.

The seats are fixed, which Bugatti says was to get them as low as possible. An adjustable pedal box helps compensate for the fixed seat and can still give drivers a comfortable reach.

bugatti tourbillon
Bugatti Tourbillon.Bugatti

This is packed into a new shell that’s 183.9 inches long, 80.7 inches wide without mirrors, and 46.8 inches tall while riding on a 107.9-inch wheelbase. That’s 5.0 inches longer than the Chiron, 0.5 inches wider, and nearly an inch shorter, with just over an inch longer wheelbase.

Now, you’re probably wondering how much this will all cost, and there’s some bad news. Bugatti has yet to reveal US pricing, but that should come closer to its 2026 expected launch.

It’ll also give you time to save your pennies because the company said it expects it to start around €3.8 million when it hits European dealers. The company also said it expects to build 250 examples on the assembly line in Molsheim, France, after the final run of W16-powered machines wrap up assembly.

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