Bugatti's Unique Chiron Super Sports Power Couple

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A Symbol of Automotive Passion and Romance.

Bugatti, synonymous with automotive excellence and luxury, recently unveiled two remarkable Chiron Super Sports owned by a couple, a testament to their shared passion for high-performance and exquisite design. These hypercars, named 'L’aura' and 'Coup de Foudre,' are not just machines; they are a celebration of love, creativity, and the pinnacle of automotive engineering.

The story behind these two Bugatti Chiron Super Sports is as captivating as the cars themselves. It began with the wife's bespoke creation, 'L’aura,' a masterpiece in 'Rosso Efesto' red and 'Arancia Mira' orange from Bugatti's 'Sur Mesure' program. This stunning vehicle, featuring light streaks akin to 'Vagues de Lumiére' (Waves of Light), caught the husband's eye, inspiring him to commission a complementing design for his own Chiron Super Sport.


The husband's Bugatti, named 'Coup de Foudre,' meaning 'love at first sight,' pairs 'French Racing Blue' light streaks with a sleek black carbon base. This striking design mirrors his wife's car in spirit and artistry, creating a unique pair of hypercars that symbolize their shared love for extraordinary automobiles. The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, with its almost 1,600 horsepower capability and unmatched speed, serves as the perfect canvas for such a romantic and creative expression.

As the automotive industry stands on the brink of a major shift towards electrification, these two Bugatti Chiron Super Sports represent the zenith of traditional hypercar craftsmanship and performance. They symbolize an era of automotive history that cherishes combustion engine-powered artistry, soon to be transformed by the advent of electric vehicles.

Bugatti's unveiling of 'L’aura' and 'Coup de Foudre' is not just about showcasing automotive brilliance; it's about narrating a love story through the language of hypercar design. This unveiling by Bugatti goes beyond mere aesthetics and performance; it's a celebration of the emotional connection humans have with cars, especially those as extraordinary as the Chiron Super Sport.

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