Buy This Massive Radio Flyer Wagon Built From An Old Pickup For Your Inner Child

Don’t buy a fire truck, get a Flyer truck instead. - Screenshot: Alaska Premier Auctions and Appraisals via YouTube
Don’t buy a fire truck, get a Flyer truck instead. - Screenshot: Alaska Premier Auctions and Appraisals via YouTube

Pickup trucks are everywhere these days. Whether it’s million-mile Tacomas, hybrid runarounds like the Maverick or monstrosities such as the Cybertruck, you can’t walk more than a few paces in the U.S. without spotting at least one truck. So why buy a truck that merges into the crowd? Instead, buy this one that looks like a kids toy wagon.

The truck in question was built by mechanical lovebirds Fred Keller and Judy Foster out of a 1976 Mazda B1600 single-cab pickup truck. The pair stripped away almost every body panel on the truck and replaced it all with a custom kit to make the car look like a Radio Flyer wagon. It’s even got an enormous eight-foot handle up front to complete the look!

The transformation from Mazda truck to Radio Flyer saw Keller and Foster remove about two inches of length off the chassis, before coil springs were added to smooth out the ride. Custom framework was built around the radiator at the front to help recreate the toy’s look, and specially-designed 13” wheels were added. Despite those modifications, the majority of the truck’s mechanics remain intact and it’s still fully road-legal in the U.S.

The pickup is excellent, and looks just like the kids toy, save for the big windscreen up front and 60 mph top speed - but I’m happy to look past those discrepancies. It’s now heading to auction, and I really think you should buy this instead of yet another bland pickup truck that’ll clog up our roads.


It’s going under the hammer in Alaska, where it’s being sold by Alaska Premier Auctions & Appraisals. As well as the excellent truck, the winning bidder will also get an enclosed trailer for easy transportation, full documentation of the build and a bucket load of historical photos of the truck on its journeys across America.

At the time of writing, the highest bid for the truck is $7,600 and there’s still three days left on the auction. So, if you fancy a bargain truck that’s going to help you stand out at Home Depot, then I strongly believe you should get this one.

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