C6 Corvette Driver Killed In Philadelphia Street Race Crash

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C6 Corvette Driver Killed In Philadelphia Street Race Crash
C6 Corvette Driver Killed In Philadelphia Street Race Crash

A 59-year-old C6 Corvette driver lost control during a street race in Philadelphia, crashing into a wall before dying on the scene. The incident stands as yet another stark reminder that racing around on public roads is dangerous, not only for other people but also for those who choose to illegally race.

C8 Corvette and BMW crash after allegedly racing each other.

This incident unfolded at about 12:45 am on June 17 when the deceased was using his 2006 Chevy Corvette to race an unidentified second vehicle, crashing in the Bustleton area. As you can see from the 6abc footage, the American sports car was badly mangled, making it little wonder the driver didn’t survive.


Police told 6abc they don’t have a description of the other vehicle racing the C6 Corvette, so finding it at the moment doesn’t sound likely. Maybe they just don’t want to say more because of the investigation? Or it might be that for now the other street racer has gotten away with a crime that led to a death.

It could turn out someone’s surveillance camera caught both cars either before or while they were racing, giving investigators the break they need.

We know everyone has been told street racing is a bad idea, yet some enthusiasts still do it. And we know showing the aftermath of this fatal accident won’t stop some of you from turning city streets into some makeshift racetrack.

Unlike actual racetracks, public roads have unpredictable conditions, surfaces unfit for high-speed maneuvers, carloads of innocent people traveling at normal speeds, and other hazards which might seem fun to some but could spell a racer’s ultimate doom.

This is why we and so many others say to take it to the track. You’d be supporting such facilities instead of complaining they’re not nearer or cheaper or more convenient, which could result in a reversal of tracks being closed all over the country.

Plus, you might not die in a street race. We think that’s a win-win.

Image via 6abc Philadelphia/YouTube

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