California Man Paints Boat Mural On Fence Out Of Pure Spite

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California Man Paints Boat Mural On Fence Out Of Pure Spite
California Man Paints Boat Mural On Fence Out Of Pure Spite

If it isn’t an HOA telling you what to do with your cars, boat, or other hobby vehicles, it’s a bossy city government employee. That’s what happened to a man in Seaside, California when the city told him he couldn’t have his boat parked in his driveway.

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The order was to get it out from view of the public, so behind his fence. We know some people who wouldn’t comply, then complain about the accruing fines and play martyr. But this man had a much better idea.

He did park the boat behind his fence, but hired someone to paint a mural of the boat on the front of the fence. That way he technically complied with the city’s order but for all intents and purposes his boat was still visible.


This is the kind of petty behavior we can truly get behind. Forget quarreling with the spouse or a neighbor, the city government is just begging for people to troll them hard. And this guy has prove he’s a master troll.

What’s really great is the artist who painted the realistic image of the boat on the fence is the boat owner’s neighbor. Sounds like a cool place to live if you’re surrounded by fellow scofflaws of such talent.

The city has targeted other homeowners for having their boats out in view of the public. Some of them have reached out to the artist to see if he’ll paint a mural of their boat on their fence as well. This could become a real trend.

Boats are often difficult to store, so for those who own and regularly use one, they’re obvious quite dedicated to the hobby. And that kind of dedication can come through when governments try making ownership that much more difficult.

Image via KSBW Action News 8/YouTube