Camaro ZL1 Crashes Through Parking Structure Wall

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Camaro ZL1 Crashes Through Parking Structure Wall
Camaro ZL1 Crashes Through Parking Structure Wall

Normally we don’t see any venerable Camaro ZL1s involved in completely boneheaded accidents. Maybe it’s the high cost of the muscle car that attracts only those who will lovingly care for them, at least better than many of the more common models out there. It was shocking to see the nose of one sticking out of the sixth floor of a parking garage in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Images shared by Charlotte Fire Department seem almost unreal. You see the nose and front wheels of the Chevy Camaro ZL1 poking out of the parking garage high above the street.


The fire department announced via X it took firefighters just 41 minutes to stabilize the vehicle and ensure the building structure was sound. At least the muscle car didn’t do a nosedive into the street below.

Also confirmed by the fire department was that the Camaro ZL1 was unoccupied at the time of the crash. That’s also a good thing, at least as far as human life not literally hanging in the balance.

But that revelation leads to the inevitable question of how an unoccupied car crashed through the side of a parking garage? Well, that’s simple: the owner left the transmission in neutral, confirmed Road & Track.

We’re assuming the ZL1 has a proper manual transmission. To us it’s always amazing how many people who have stick shifts leave them in neutral when they park. If they forget to set the parking brake, the car just simply rolls to wherever.

In this case, the Camaro rolled down the sloped parking garage level, gaining enough speed to punch through the side. Thankfully it didn’t gain even more momentum or that would’ve been the end of the muscle car.

So this is your reminder to leave any car with a manual transmission in gear when you park and to set the parking brake every time.

Images via CharlotteFD/X

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