Car and Driver's 'Into Cars' Podcast Ep. 1 Digs into Lambo's Dirt-Seeking Huracán

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C/D's 'Into Cars' Podcast Ep. 1: Huracán SterratoCar and Driver

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In the inaugural episode of Car and Driver's new podcast Into Cars, editor-in-chief Tony Quiroga and chief brand and content officer Eddie Alterman get up close and personal with the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato.

With a lifted ride height and high-performance all-terrain tires, the Sterrato is designed to play in the dirt. It also includes a 602-hp naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V-10, an air intake above the roof, nose-mounted fog lights, and fender flares that could've been stolen off a Subaru Outback Wilderness. After more than $100,000 in options, the featured Sterrato costs nearly $400K.


"It's pretty wild. You can just throw it into a dirt road and there's no guilt," notes Quiroga. "It's got special tires too that allow it to do that, and there's not really much of a trade-off on-road."

lamborghini huracan sterrato into cars podcast
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Podcast listeners also get to hear the Sterrato in action when Quiroga and Alterman hit the road in the orange and striped Lambo, taking it to Car and Driver's 10Best loop to test its on-road behavior. Along with the V-10's laugh-inducing soundtrack, the guys agree that the dirt-seeking Sterrato is still a proper supercar on the street—one that also rides really well.

"It just does not beat you up. This poses an existential question: Is it really a Lamborghini if it doesn't make you suffer?" asks Alterman.

The Sterrato's truest test takes place on a dirt road off the 10Best loop. With Rally mode activated, the car's snarling engine, chunky tires, and tenacious all-wheel-drive system turn Quiroga and Alterman giddy as their sideways antics leave behind a dust cloud.

To better understand why the off-road-oriented Sterrato became the send-off to the Huracán, the guys sit down with Lamborghini's chief technical officer Rouven Mohr. Mohr shares that the idea was born years ago out of the team's love for old rally cars like the Lancia Stratos.

"For my vision, Lambo is not only about pure performance, Lambo is always about driver excitement, driver involvement, and the best-in-class driving experience," said Mohr.

On next week's episode of Into Cars, Quiroga and Alterman set their sights on the 10Best-winning Acura Integra Type S and chat with Acura product planner Jonathon Rivers.

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