Car Thief Attempts to Steal Classic Supra and GT-R, Nearly Crushes Accomplice With Armored Vehicle Instead

attempted car theft
Bumbling Car Thief Nearly Crushes Accomplice Today Australia / Facebook

A group of potential car thieves in Queensland, Australia were thwarted by their own stupidity on May 31st, with one of them learning a painful lesson in the process. One potential thief managed to run over another while trying to move a giant military vehicle out of the way in order to steal a set of desirable Japanese sports cars, according to Today Australia.

The attempted theft took place at a shop owned by Mark Trueno, according to the report. The shop held what Trueno described as a collection of his childhood dream cars such as an R34-generation Nissan GT-R and an A80-generation Toyota Supra, as well as a modified Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. It was these vehicles that appear to have been the target of the thieves, based

Unfortunately for them, there was also an Alvis Saracen — a six-wheeled, 11-ton armored personnel carrier — in the building, blocking the exit. It was this military vehicle that ultimately foiled the would-be thieves' plans. Surveillance video from the shop reveals one person went behind the APC and apparently tried to cut away a bollard using an angle grinder, while another would-be thief hopped in the driver’s seat — and apparently reversed the APC right into his accomplice. That pinned the angle-grinder man to a bollard, causing the suspect to scream out in pain. Rather than attempt to help, the two other suspects apparently ran off, leaving the injured person behind.


In case you're wondering why there was a gun-toting army truck hanging out with JDM heroes, the Alvis Saracen had been restored by Trueno and was being stored in his shop while awaiting its chance to be given away as a prize in a charity drawing. The APC can fit ten people and is powered by a Rolls-Royce V8 engine that sends power to six wheels. It is referred to as ‘Frank the Tank’ by the charity.

As for the cars the group were apparently intending to steal, the Mk IV Supra Turbo needs no introduction. Built between 1993 and 2002, the Supra had a pair of legendary engine options, the top dog being the twin turbo 2JZ-GTE powerplant. A clean Mk IV Supra Turbo can be worth well over $200,000 in the U.S. The Bayside Blue R34 GT-R — a car that also needs no introduction — that also appears to have been a target of the heist could be even more valuable.

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