Chevy Taillight Catches On Fire

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Chevy Taillight Catches On Fire
Chevy Taillight Catches On Fire

People are shocked and amused after someone posted video footage of their Chevy Traverse’s taillight on fire. The cause of the fire seems to be a bit of a mystery and a topic of much debate online.

The Off-Road Dodge Viper is weirdly awesome.

According to Instagram user theclaycache, whose profile is listed as “Sam McInnis Ceramic Artist,” she was driving down the road, headed home, when the taillight suddenly caught fire. Smelling something burning, she pulled over thinking the aroma was from a flat tire.

Instead, she saw the tiny inferno coming from the rear driver-side of the crossover. In her post she says the fire was caused by “faulty electrical” which she feels is Chevrolet’s fault. However, she also mentions the factory warranty won’t cover the damage from the fire.


It’s actually not unheard of for a taillight to melt or even catch fire dure to an electrical fault. Just a quick Google search helped us find someone in a shop posting on Reddit about a Chevy coming in with a melted taillight as well as a Chevy Colorado forum where someone had their truck’s taillight catch fire. Both of those are from years ago, 2021 and 2006, respectively.

In other words, it doesn’t sound like a common issue, but it’s happened before.

As for the comments on the Instagram post, they run the range from snarky to serious. Some criticized the woman’s weird framing of the Traverse in the video, others jumped in to say GM vehicles have serious electrical issues even when new, and at least one person offered the friendly advice that letting blinker fluid run low can lead to a fire.

We can only imagine how scary the fire was in the moment. After all, we’ve seen a little fire like this spread rapidly in a car, consuming it in just minutes. Thankfully the woman wasn’t hurt, but it sounds like she’s had to pay out of pocket to fix the damages.

What do you think caused this fire?

Images via theclaycache/Instagram