Chevy's New Corvette ZR1 Doesn't Sound Naturally Aspirated

corvette zr1 teaser june 2024
C8 Corvette ZR1 Teaser Reveals a Fiery Engine NoteChevrolet / YouTube

The C8-generation Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is already among the most spectacular American cars ever built — right down to its unbelievable high-revving engine that's unlike anything seen in a Corvette before. General Motors was not content to stop there, however; the brand announcing a ZR1 variant of the C8 in a teaser two months ago. Now, Chevy has dropped a second teaser that shows off the car a little bit more... and what it shows is very promising.

The video shows a few flashes of a rendered ZR1, backed by the roaring sound of the V-8 GM has chosen for its latest supercar. Quick eyes will notice that most of the rear of the car is visible in the second fly-by, revealing a massive wing and a four-pipe, center-exit exhaust system. That, you might note, is the same configuration used on the current Z06.


The sound reveals something, too. Unlike the unrestrained, naturally-aspirated Z06, this sounds a little bit more... muted. There's a distinct mechanical whirring in the background, too. Is that some sort of forced induction we hear?

It wouldn't be a surprise if so. The last two ZR1s were supercharged, but in this short clip,the noise sounds more like a turbocharger. If the Z06 sounds like a Ferrari 458 Italia, the ZR1 sounds like the turbocharged 488 that followed it.

In the Z06, the flat-plane crank 5.5-liter LT6 V-8 produces 670 horsepower. Add forced induction and the numbers could quickly get silly. The last ZR1 produced 755 hp from a supercharged pushrod V-8. Could a turbocharged or supercharged engine based on an LT6 put out something closer to 800 hp?

Adding fuel to the fire: the title of the latest video is "Unthinkable Speed Is Coming," suggesting a possible new high watermark of top speed or acceleration for the Corvette line. Massive horsepower would certainly get a C8 Corvette well on its way to speeds above the 212 mph quoted for the last-generation ZR1.

Specifics of the latest Corvette ZR1 will be revealed later this summer, according to Chevy. Until then, all we can do is speculate.

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