Citroen e-C3

citroen e c3 review 2024 01 front tracking
citroen e c3 review 2024 01 front tracking

For a car that’s now entering its fourth generation, the Citroën C3 is remarkably short of a noteworthy model in its history. Try Googling the second-generation car, in particular, to see if you can remember it.

The Citroën C3 is a bit like the Nissan Micra in that regard, a notable name with some real longevity yet not ever having associated itself with a car that’s particularly memorable, despite Citroën having shifted some 5.6 million of them over three generations and 22 years on sale.

Perhaps no more, because the C3 badge is at last being used on a car with a real story attached: an EV called Citroën ë-C3 with a meaningful of 200 miles that, at under £22,000, is on cost parity with electric supermini rivals. Could this be a watershed moment in the evolution of the electric car?