Classic Car Enthusiasts Rally to Recover Stolen Citroen 2CV

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It's an inspiring story about the strength of the automotive community.

In an inspiring demonstration of community strength and shared passion, classic car enthusiasts took on the role of amateur sleuths to recover a cherished Citroen 2CV that was stolen from its owner, Ben Heywood. The unique vehicle disappeared while Heywood was on his way to Stansted Airport, leaving him devastated. In response, he reached out to a specialized WhatsApp group of Citroen 2CV aficionados, not seeking sympathy but to share the unfortunate news with fellow enthusiasts.


The group, bound by their love for the distinctive French classic, quickly mobilized, spreading the word across every 2CV enthusiast platform they could find. Their collective effort saw enthusiasts scouring the streets of Norwich, Heywood's hometown, in search of the stolen vehicle. The power of this tight-knit community became evident when, within hours, the car was located thanks to a vigilant member who reported a sighting to the group.

The quick dissemination of information among the group members and their proactive approach led to the recovery of the car the following day. Norfolk Police, praised by Heywood for their efficiency, played a crucial role in the car's retrieval and the apprehension of a teenage suspect involved in the theft.

This 1987 model, acquired by Heywood as a nostalgic tribute for his 50th birthday, holds sentimental value, symbolizing more than just a mode of transportation. Its recovery was met with immense joy and relief, underlining the unexpected adventure and emotional rollercoaster associated with owning a classic car.

The incident underscores the profound connection and solidarity within the classic car community, particularly among Citroen 2CV lovers. Their swift and coordinated response not only led to a happy ending but also highlighted the enduring spirit and camaraderie that classic cars can inspire. For Heywood, the episode reinforced the value of the community and the irreplaceable nature of his beloved Citroen 2CV, a car that, thanks to the collective effort of enthusiasts, was saved from becoming a lost treasure.

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