A Company Is Developing An Electric Flying Motorcycle

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A Company Is Developing An Electric Flying Motorcycle
A Company Is Developing An Electric Flying Motorcycle

With modern technology making what used to seem impossible reality, there are many startup companies dreaming big. One is UDX as it works on developing the Airwolf, an all-electric flying motorcycle. Some think this might be the next big thing in transportation, but others believe it’s just a pipe dream and nothing more.

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For almost a century, humans have fantasized about personal aircraft which would alleviate road congestion and speed up travel considerably. There are obvious restrictions toward large-scale adoption of such vehicles, but today there are a few flying cars. Just don’t expect to be driving or flying one anytime soon.

Image via UDX/Facebook
Image via UDX/Facebook

The same will likely be true for the Airwolf. After all, it’s not something you could legally fly wherever you please. And it might require a pilot’s license to operate in the air. But for those well-versed in air travel, it could be a fun alternative to a motorcycle.


One advantage UDX’s invention has is it doesn’t need a runway for takeoff or landing. Instead, it comes equipped with four turbine engines in a setup similar to many modern drones. This allows for straight vertical movements.

With seating for two, you could bring along a friend or significant other for an adrenaline-pumping time. Combine that with razor-sharp handling and you have all the ingredients for a fun little toy.

So far, UDX has only made a scale prototype that’s a drone with a model human onboard. While that might sound hilarious, it’s a step toward creating a full-size version. Since this is something never done before, there isn’t exactly a road map like what people can use when creating a new car from the ground up.

Still, UDX seems confident it will have a full-size proof of concept before long. It claims the Airwolf will work with an EV home charger, with the battery able to be topped off to 90 percent in just half an hour.

Perhaps one day you’ll see these sitting in your neighbor’s driveway.

Images via UDX/Facebook