Crash of the Weekend: Wild Mustang Challenge Rollover at Watkins Glen

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Crash of the Weekend: Mustang Challenge RolloverConnor Scarpati

A major crash briefly slowed the IMSA-sanctioned Mustang Challenge single-make race at Watkins Glen on Friday. Nate Cicero, driver of the No. 82 entry for McCumbee McAleer Racing, rolled over in an unusual hit that forced his car all the way into the air spun it around in mid-air, and caused the Mustang racer to land on top of a tire barrier.

Cicero was running fifth when the crash occurred. The moment started when Cicero dove to the inside of a competitor into a hairpin corner inside the track's "Boot," causing the car to slide slightly. A sharp turn saved the slide, but the car seemingly stopped slowing, and possibly even started accelerating there. That led to a straight-on hit, causing the car to careen into the air and complete a full barrel roll before landing on its wheels atop a tire barrier.

While the crash looked big, Cicero escaped under his own power and appeared uninjured. The car, on the other hand, suffered major damage just three races into the first season of the new Mustang Challenge category.

The crash has not been investigated yet and the cause is still undetermined. In a statement to Road & Track, a representative from Ford Performance says "It is too early to speculate on the cause of the accident that occurred during the Mustang Challenge Race at Watkins Glen to the #82 Ford Mustang Dark Horse R. The Ford Performance team will be working with MMR Motorsport team to understand more."