Cybertruck Cuts Owner So Bad He Goes To The ER

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Cybertruck Cuts Owner So Bad He Goes To The ER
Cybertruck Cuts Owner So Bad He Goes To The ER

A Cybertruck owner slit his wrist while trying to figure out what an imperfection on one of the EV’s body panels was, only to find it was razor sharp. But the guy still loves his Tesla truck even though he maybe could have bled out.

Kanye West’s “Cybertruck” is unbelievable on several levels.

The Cybertruck owner used the Cybertruck Owners Club forum to describe his ordeal and other problems with the vehicle after taking delivery. Lest anyone think he’s making it all up, the guy who goes by bdesign shared photos of his ride and injury.

First of all, he describes all the quality control issues with his Cybertruck, something we see as a common thing with it and quite a few other Teslas. Not only was the windshield “disastrously dirty” with a “smeary film” on it when he took delivery, something we’re pretty sure should have been cleaned up by Tesla at least at the last minute, he found overspray on the body panels and is distraught it won’t wipe off. So much for that clean industrial fridge sparkle.


That’s not the end of the issues with this guy’s Cybertruck. He also says the “hood is covered in the rail dust rust spots.” We don’t like the sound of that. Plus, one of the weather seals along the tonneau cover track was loose and it couldn’t be fixed since the service department was closed at time of delivery.

It gets even better: while the guy was driving his Cybertruck down a highway at 60 mph one of the panels in the bed came loose and flew off, but thankfully stayed in the payload instead of flying out onto the road. In other words, the Cybertruck is literally falling apart. A brand new vehicle. Is falling apart. And the guy says “otherwise, it’s great.”

Tesla people are something else.

But back to the sharp body panel defect. When the guy cut himself, he said the Tesla employees laughed and said the Cybertruck panels can be dangerous. Wow, sign us up, we’ll take three. Can you imagine just closing your door or the tailgate and slicing yourself so badly you have to go to the emergency room?

See the guy’s story, including the graphic image of his sliced wrist here.

Image via Tesla