Dashcam Footage Shows Stolen Mercedes Chase In Melbourne

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Dashcam Footage Shows Stolen Mercedes Chase In Melbourne
Dashcam Footage Shows Stolen Mercedes Chase In Melbourne

Usually when we have dashcam footage of a stolen car chase it’s from one of the police cruisers. But this footage out of Melbourne, Australia is from the stolen Mercedes two suspects were inside. Seeing the perspective of the fleeing criminals is a unique twist versus what we’re used to getting.

Teens steal luxury cars in Melbourne.

The footage starts with the pair in the Mercedes as they’re pulling out of a parking lot in the city. The woman spots the Stop Stick police placed over the sole exit and asks if they can leave that way, with the man just gunning it, making for a good stick.


Later, the man, who’s driving, realizes he’s lost at least one tire. He wants to ditch the stolen car and run away on foot, then hop on a train. The woman, on the other hand, wants to drive to a different part of the city, then ditch the ride. They keep arguing about this for a while as the man keeps trying to put distance between them and the parking lot.

What’s more, the conversation between these two, who are reportedly 40 and 28, seems erratic. We’re thinking it’s possible alcohol or drugs were making things less than clear for the suspects.

At one point the man is convinced a regular car is in fac a cop. This causes him to take a sudden left turn on a side street then speed away in an attempt to ditch the imaginary tail. He even swears the car makes the same turn as them. But the rear-facing camera footage shows that’s not true.

Still, the guy blasts through red lights and at one a truck catches the rear of the speeding Mercedes, spinning it out and disabling the stolen car. Neither suspect was able to get away on foot.

Image via Dash Cam Owners Australia/YouTube

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