Death Valley Truck Crash Leads To Bee Attack

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Death Valley Truck Crash Leads To Bee Attack
Death Valley Truck Crash Leads To Bee Attack

There’s something about animals and horrific car crashes in Death Valley. Just last month, a couple driving through the National Park caused a motorcyclist to slam into the back of their camper van after taking evasive action to avoid hitting a tarantula in the road. This month a truck crashed and the driver plus those rescuing him were stung by bees. Remind us to just stay out of that part of California altogether.

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The bees were being transported in hives on the back of a semi trailer back on the morning of November 5. However, the truck driver lost control as the big rig was descending down a steep section of the highway, says the National Park Service in an official release. That’s what we like to refer to as a “code brown” moment.


Sadly, the truck rolled over in the process, injuring the driver and causing a bee explosion as the hives were thrown around and damaged. Obviously, the bees had no idea what happened but were defensive, so they started stinging the driver and Good Samaritans who helped get the badly injured driver out of the cab.

This unlocks all kinds of new fears in us. We knew beehives have to be transported but never gave it a thought about a load of them being on a semi-truck, let alone what would happen if the truck were to crash violently like in this case.

According to the National Park Service, the 35-year-old male driver of the semi-truck suffered “traumatic injuries” in the rollover and from the many bee stings. He was transported to a nearby hospital then airlifted to another facility. There’s no word on his recovery, but it sounds like the poor guy has a long road ahead of him.

Image via National Park Service