Diesel Truck Rolls Coal Into Corvette During Traffic Standoff

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A lesson in courtesy.

We've all experienced it: heavy rush-hour traffic merging from one freeway to another, where one lane disappears and patience is tested. The courteous approach is to perform the "zipper merge," where each car allows one vehicle from the adjacent lane to merge in front, creating a seamless flow of traffic. This simple act of civility often reflects a person’s character, much like returning a shopping cart to its corral. Unfortunately, a recent incident involving a Corvette driver and a diesel truck showcased what happens when courtesy is ignored.


The incident, captured on camera, shows the Corvette driver refusing to yield to the much larger truck. One would think that someone who truly loves their Corvette would avoid playing chicken with a vehicle that could easily cause significant damage to their prized possession. Instead of relenting, the Corvette driver continued to block the truck’s path.

In response, the driver of the diesel truck, noticing that the Corvette’s windows were down, decided to "roll coal" — a term used when a diesel engine is modified to emit large clouds of black smoke. The smoke poured directly into the open cabin of the Corvette, giving its driver an unpleasant surprise. Even this did not persuade the Corvette driver to yield.

This incident has sparked debate among viewers. Some argue that the truck driver was out of line for rolling coal, an act often criticized for its environmental impact and rudeness. However, others point out that the Corvette driver’s refusal to follow the zipper merge protocol was the initial act of discourtesy.

Rolling coal might be seen as an extreme reaction, but it highlighted the frustration that often accompanies rush hour traffic. The video serves as a reminder of the importance of traffic etiquette and the potential consequences of refusing to be courteous on the road.

Check out the video and decide for yourself who the real jerk is in this scenario. Was it the truck driver for his smoky retaliation, or the Corvette driver for refusing to merge like everyone else?

Images via YouTube

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